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Uptown Girl



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InitialArt Flat Card Options

in Pack of 20

Dimensions:  7"W x 5"H

Price:  $18.00

Email initials to customorders@winsomecards.com

No. 3104 - Flat card with Initials in Round Pink Frame




ENVELOPES in pack of 20

No. 3250-1

with Return

Address Only

 Price: $3.00

No. 3250-2

with Matching


Frame on Back

Price:  $6.00

No. 3250-3 

with Matching

Square Frame

on Back and

Return Address

Price: $8.50



No. 3101

Flat card

Round Blue


No. 3102

Flat card

Round Red



Fancy Packaging

No. 3200-P1

Black Color

Price: $5.50




No. 3103

Flat card Round Green


No. 3100

Flat card

Round Black


No. 3200-P2

White Color

Price: $5.50



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