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Winsome Expressions has a wonderful variety of inspirational gifts.

Temporarily Out of Stock -

Winsome Pillows

Winsome Pillows are small, cute

(of course)
accent pillows in four shapes:
square - 7"
circle -7"
triangle - 7"
rectangle - 4"x10"

Image options include:
Any girlfriend notecard image,
winsomecard image, or
skinfolk image.

Price: $28.50 each

Send image choice you want added to customorders@winsomecards.com
Pieces of Peace Puzzle
Pieces of Peace Puzzle are scriptures that you can quickly put together anytime, anywhere to encourage the soul and lift the spirit.  The 3 to 4 puzzle pieces come with an attractive envelope for storing.

Scripture options are: 
1) "Renew my strength"  Isaiah 40:31
2) "Source of help"  Psalms 121: 1-2
3) "Life direction" Proverbs 3:5
4) "God's Purpose" Romans 8:28

Price: $6.95 each

Send your scripture choice to customorders@winsomecards.com

Make your favorite scripture into a puzzle
no more than 50 words
$9.95 each
To order contact customorders@winsomecards.com
Reach Planner

The Reach Planner is a quick and convenient
way to create results in your life.  More than
a journal or a "to do" list, it provides proven
tactics and tools to help you
visionalize and write "reach statements"
for things that you can reasonably achieve.
Comes with easy to follow instructions.

See it!  Pen it!  Believe it!
....Get out of your slump and reach for your dreams....

Price / Selections: 

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